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When someone’s life becomes out of control due to abusing alcohol, many signs can happen. Some people recognize certain physical signs that indicate alcoholism, but not all of them. Did you know that you can get yellow eyes from drinking alcohol over long periods of time? By the time this happens, physical damage has taken place. For this reason, it’s important to seek immediate treatment from a quality alcohol addiction program. 

How Can Drinking Alcohol Cause the Eyes to Turn Yellow?

People who develop an addiction to alcohol often show physical signs. They may experience a change in weight, discoloration of the skin, or difficulty with physical coordination. In addition, some people develop yellow eyes from drinking alcohol. 

The yellowing of the eyes is a medical condition often called “alcoholic jaundice.” The yellow coloring affects the sclera, which is the part of the eye that is normally white. It can also discolor the skin around the eyes. Yellow eyes can also be a sign of alcoholic hepatitis. Both medical conditions are dangerous and should not be ignored. 

Medical professionals and addiction treatment facilities often use the development of this condition as a sign that someone has an alcohol use disorder (AUD). Alcohol use disorder is the medical term for alcoholism. The yellowing of the eyes cannot be reversed or healed if the person continues to abuse alcohol.  

Are Yellow Eyes From Drinking Alcohol Dangerous?

If a person develops yellow eyes from drinking alcohol, they need to seek immediate medical care. Alcoholic jaundice is a sign that liver damage may have occurred due to excessive drinking. Someone who has had an AUD for a long time risks inflammation of the liver. Any problem with the liver constitutes a medical concern, as it can cause damage that can become deadly. The liver provides multiple vital functions that help keep the body healthy. These include regulating blood levels and blood clotting and removing bacteria from the bloodstream. 

When alcoholic jaundice or alcoholic hepatitis are left untreated, they can cause a person to develop life-threatening illnesses. Many alcoholics who drink for years develop cirrhosis of the liver. Some end up going into liver failure. The risk of developing these potentially fatal diseases should not be ignored.  

No cure for alcoholic liver disease exists. However, for some people who receive an early diagnosis and stop drinking permanently, there is hope. The body may begin to repair itself over time, but this is not guaranteed. Sadly, many people end up needing a liver transplant. Someone needing a transplant because of their alcoholism will find it difficult to get on a transplant list without proof of having been sober for a lengthy amount of time.

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What Should I Do About Yellow Eyes From Drinking Alcohol?

When someone develops yellow eyes from drinking alcohol, they need to take two steps right away. One is to see a doctor and be honest about their alcoholism. The physician will need to know how long they have been drinking and how much alcohol they typically consume. From there, a decision can be made about doing any tests to determine the damage done.

Secondly, the person should seek treatment for their alcoholism. This step can feel intimidating, especially if a person has had an AUD for many years. However, it’s the only way to become healthier in both body and mind. The first step in treatment involves going to detox. A detoxification program takes five to ten days and should only be done in a professional addiction treatment facility. Withdrawal symptoms that happen when a person quits drinking can be painful and even deadly. Detox facilities understand how to treat withdrawal symptoms, keeping the person as comfortable as possible. 

After detox, the individual can transition into residential or outpatient treatment. This type of treatment typically involves using multiple types of therapy that prove helpful for treating addiction. In addition, the person can receive any help they need for a mental health disorder. This is important because about half of those who have a drug or alcohol addiction also deal with issues like depression, anxiety, or trauma. 

Begin Treatment for Alcohol Abuse in Phoenix, AZ

Are you experiencing yellow eyes from drinking alcohol, or know someone who shows this sign? If so, it’s an indication of serious physical damage to the liver. Getting treatment can stop the damage from progressing and prevent additional medical problems from developing. Zenith Behavioral Health provides quality, focused care for alcohol use disorders. Our experienced staff of medical and psychological experts works with you to help you overcome alcohol addiction. Our residential program helps you start walking on a path of good physical and mental health.

Contact us now for more information about getting help for alcohol addiction. We can help you take the first step to a whole new life.