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When your child suffers from poor mental health, you want more than anything to help them heal.

Many parents don’t know that a lot of treatment centers for mental health disorders accept Medicaid. This includes those that treat teenagers. In fact, Zenith Behavioral Health accepts NC Medicaid plans. As NC Medicaid mental health providers, we offer focused help designed to treat teenage boys aged 13 to 17. Our multi-disciplinary approach to providing therapy helps young people come to an understanding of their mental health. From there, we help empower them to control their symptoms and begin to heal.

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What is NC Medicaid?

North Carolina, like all states, offers a Medicaid program for its residents. NC Medicaid works by providing coverage for both physical and mental health needs. North Carolina Medicaid offers care for low-income adults, children, seniors, pregnant women, and people with disabilities. This insurance includes care required for adolescents who need help dealing with mental health disorders.

For those unsure about if they qualify for NC Medicaid, they can apply online, in person, or through the mail. For those who qualify or who already have Medicaid, representatives can answer questions about how to help a teen get mental health care.

A surprise to many, is that NC Medicaid can be accepted at some out-of-state residential mental health providers such as Zenith Behavioral Health in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Zenith Behavioral Health is a NC Medicaid Mental Health Provider

While Zenith Behavioral Health is located in Phoenix, Arizona, we can help adolescents who live in North Carolina and are covered by Medicaid. We accept NC Medicaid, making out-of-state care at a professional facility a reality for young people. Our NC Medicaid mental health providers work with boys aged 13 to 17 who need help with a variety of mental health conditions. While parents may initially want to place their child in local treatment, going to Arizona can be the best choice for many families. We provide world-class care for young people. For many kids, putting the stress of their daily lives aside temporarily can help them focus on healing. The scenic Phoenix area can provide the perfect backdrop for a boy to learn about his mental health disorder and how to overcome its challenges.

Mental Health Disorders Treated With NC Medicaid

Our NC Medicaid mental health providers have extensive training and experience in treating mental health disorders. Our therapists, doctors, and nurses understand how to communicate effectively with teenagers. As a result, they can build bonds that allow young people to open up and talk honestly about their experiences. 

Additionally, our staff knows how to treat several different kinds of mental illnesses. NC Medicaid provides coverage for these, making getting the help a child needs a reality. The types of mental health disorders we treat include:


Each condition comes with its own challenges. Our staff understands the signs and symptoms of each mental illness. Because of this, we can recognize them and help young people in our care understand them. Often, just putting a name to a mental illness helps teenagers begin to get better. For this reason, we provide a full diagnosis when they arrive. They learn what mental health disorders they deal with. From there, the child learns ways to overcome symptoms and feel more in charge. 

Types of Mental Health Programs Available Through NC Medicaid

A big part of what makes our program successful involves the variety of mental health programs we offer.  Our NC Medicaid mental health providers include professionals trained in several types of therapy used to help heal mental illness. The therapy modalities we provide include:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • 7 Challenges Program
  • Vocational Training


Teenagers can have trouble opening up and often keep secrets. This can be a result of fear of being judged and thought of as a hopeless case. As well, they may not have the skills to talk openly because of their age and lack of life experience. With each of these types of therapy, young people learn to identify their emotions and thoughts and express them in a safe environment. This helps them improve their relationships with themselves, as well as those with their family and friends.

Begin Mental Health Treatment in Arizona With NC Medicaid

Do you have a teenager who needs treatment for a mental health disorder? Zenith Behavioral Health provides a comprehensive program designed to teach adolescents how to understand mental illness and improve their symptoms. Our NC Medicaid mental health providers know how to talk to teenagers on their level. We care for them in our comfortable residential center and keep the family in the loop about their progress. Engaging in several different types of therapy gives them the information and experience they need to heal and rejoin their families with a new outlook.

If you are interested in finding out more about our NC Medicaid program, visit our admissions page today. We can help your child begin to get better and enjoy improved mental health.

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