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All parents want to see their kids lead happy, healthy lives. When they get off track, it can be scary, especially if mental health symptoms worsen adolescent residential treatment centers Arizona is here to help.

 Our adolescent residential treatment centers Arizona program provide expert care designed to help boys between the ages of 13 and 17. Our residential mental health treatment centers for youth in Arizona can help your son not only treat their symptoms, but fully understand their mental health conditions and how to treat them following their stay at our residential treatment center. We also help treat any co-occurring mental health disorders, providing an umbrella of professional help that allows our youth to overcome drug addiction and mental health conditions simultaneously in a safe, residential treatment setting.

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What We Treat

Zenith Behavioral Health in Phoenix helps boys become healthier in multiple ways. We treat addiction, allowing each young person to leave a life of addiction to drugs or alcohol behind them. Regardless of which substance they have developed an addiction to, our staff can help them transition to a sober life.

Our adolescent residential treatment centers also treat mental health disorders for our youth here in Arizona. We provide a full and accurate diagnosis of any mental health challenges the individual has, and from there we create a plan to address it. This can include a variety of therapies, as well as medication. Because many people who have a substance use disorder also struggle with maintaining good mental health, we provide treatment for both conditions. Our dual diagnosis program makes sure both addiction and mental health are treated at the same time, allowing each person the best chance to succeed in both areas.

  • Dual Diagnosis:

    We treat dual diagnosis, meaning both addiction and mental health simultaneously.

  • Mental Health:

    Our staff specializes in treating the various mental health conditions in Phoenix, AZ.

  • Addiction:

    We treat addictions to various types of substances to help individuals gain their lives back.

Therapy Offered at Our Adolescent Residential Treatment Centers in Arizona

The staff at our adolescent residential treatment centers understands how important therapy proves to be when treating young people. A boys’ rehab is about way more than just a place to go when getting off drugs. An effective rehab understands that using the right kinds of therapy programs help each child understand who they are and how to improve their lives.

We offer multiple types of evidence-based therapy that teach individuals how to understand the genesis of their addiction. From there, they can better understand how to avoid temptations to use drugs or alcohol again. Each child will be assessed in order to determine which types of therapy will work best for him.

  • DBT:

    Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) treats various mood disorders, as well as suicidal ideation.

  • Group:

    Group therapy allows each individual to learn from one another’s experience.

  • CBT:

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

  • Family:

    Family therapy is designed to solve underlying issues and to strengthen the family bond.

  • Individual:

    Take advantage of this personalized approach towards working through your underlying conditions.

Benefits of Our Residential Rehab Center for Adolescent Boys

When your son attends our Phoenix, Arizona based adolescent residential treatment centers, they have access to a number of benefits in a more intimate, inpatient setting. First, we recognize that each young man is an individual and needs to be treated accordingly. We do an in-depth assessment in order to learn about your son and what his needs are for treatment. This allows us to create a program unique to serving him so he can learn how to care for and respect himself both now and in the future.

Second, because we offer a residential facility, this means each boy lives in a substance-free, safe environment free from triggers. He lives among other boys his age who work together to achieve similar results. The kinds of bonds built in this situation often end up in friendships that endure past leaving treatment. Having sober friendships can help people stay focused and at a lower risk of relapsing.

When teenagers develop substance use disorders, as well as any co-occurring mental health issues, it contributes to drama within the home. This tension affects the child, the parents, siblings, and other family members. Another benefit of residential rehab is that it provides a break for everyone involved. The child can spend time learning how to take better care of himself in a neutral environment. Meanwhile, the family back at home can have some time to regroup and learn how to help their loved one when he returns home.

Last, each person who attends our boys’ rehab enjoys the option of several kinds of therapy designed to effectively treat addiction. Any needed medications to help with that, as well as dual diagnosis, can be discussed with the parents and used, if necessary.

Learning Coping Skills for Anxiety

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Do you have a son who needs help and you don’t know where to turn? Zenith Behavioral Health operates adolescent residential treatment centers in Arizona that change the lives of young males. Our staff of caring, compassionate providers offers multiple types of therapy that address addiction to a multitude of drugs and alcohol. We also teach parents how to manage any mental health challenges their son deals with. This multi-pronged approach helps return your child to a sober life and the ability to plan a bright future.

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