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Teen Residential Treatment Program

A teen residential treatment program can be beneficial for helping teens make healthy lifestyle changes and find new ways to cope with their struggles.

The programs at Zenith Behavioral Health provide expert care designed to help troubled teens between the ages of 13 and 17 struggling with drug abuse and mental health disorders. Our treatment team can help your child not only treat their symptoms but also fully understand their mental health conditions and how to come with them once they’ve finished dual diagnosis treatment.

Teen Residential Treatment in Phoenix Arizona

Services Provided at Our Residential Treatment Center

Teen residential treatment centers for teens help adolescents struggling with mental health disorders and substance abuse in several ways. Our team provides a supportive environment for individuals to work on understanding the root causes that may be contributing to drug addiction, the therapeutic services needed to develop healthy coping skills, and a treatment approach tailored to their unique needs so they have a better chance for long-term recovery.

Addiction Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

In a safe and supportive environment, our mental health professionals treat drug addiction, allowing each young person to leave a life of substance abuse behind them. Regardless of which substance they have developed addiction issues with, the staff at our adolescent treatment center can help them transition to a sober life.

We provide a multi-disciplinary approach to treating substance use disorder, including medically assisted detoxification and ongoing evidence-based treatment in a therapeutic environment.

Behavioral Health for Mental Health Concerns

Our residential programs treat mental issues in a structured environment. This can include comprehensive treatment for conditions such as severe depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, PTSD, other mood disorders, and other behavioral health issues.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Our dedicated treatment team provides a full and accurate diagnosis of any mental illness and addiction challenges the individual has, and from there, we create a custom treatment plan to address it during residential treatment. 

Dual-diagnosis teen mental health treatment can include a variety of evidence-based treatments, medication management, comprehensive care, support groups, educational workshops, and more.

Individual Therapy

Young people receive individualized treatment plans that meet their specific needs. These therapy programs may have teens participate in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT) with licensed therapists.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions at our teen treatment centers are designed for adolescents to connect, learn from others, and practice healthy communication skills with other young adults.

We believe that peer support is crucial in recovery, and this setting provides a safe place for teens to share their struggles and receive support from others who understand.

Family Therapy

We also offer family involvement to help rebuild relationships and create a supportive environment for the adolescents once they leave our residential treatment center.

Family therapy sessions help address any underlying issues within the family dynamic that may be contributing to the teen’s struggles. They also provide guidance on supporting their loved ones and can help build healthy relationships.

Benefits of Residential Treatment Programs

There are a number of benefits to our residential treatment programs, including keeping young people struggling with addiction, self-harm tendencies, or suicidal ideation safe. We provide therapies, recreational activities, and a number of other benefits, including:

Personalized Approach

First, we recognize that each young adult is an individual and needs to be treated accordingly. We do an in-depth assessment to learn about your son or daughter and their treatment needs. The inpatient setting allows us to create a program unique to serving them so they can learn how to care for and respect themselves now and in the future.

Substance Free Environment

Second, because we offer inpatient care at our residential facility, this means each teen lives in a substance-free, safe environment free from triggers. They live among other boys or girls their age who work together to achieve similar results.

Repairing Family Relationship

When teenagers develop substance use disorders, as well as any co-occurring mental health issues, it contributes to drama within the home. This tension affects the child, the parents, siblings, and other family members. Another benefit of residential rehab is that it provides a break for everyone involved.

Your teen can learn how to take better care of themselves in a neutral environment while in residential treatment. Meanwhile, the family back at home can have time to regroup and learn how to help their loved one when they return home.

Comprehensive Care

Each person who attends our adolescent rehab enjoys the option of several kinds of therapy designed to treat addiction and prioritize their well-being. This may include experiential therapy, music therapy, art therapy, and working with a family therapist to address any relationship struggles at home. This wide variety of therapies ensures that each individual has the tools to achieve long-term recovery.

Aftercare Support

Once teen boys and girls have successfully completed our residential treatment program, we offer aftercare support to help them transition back into their daily lives. This may include ongoing therapy sessions, peer support groups, and other resources that can assist in maintaining sobriety long-term.

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If you have a teenager who is struggling with addiction or mental health issues and doesn’t know where to turn, Zenith Behavioral Health operates adolescent inpatient treatment facilities that can change their lives.

Our trained staff of caring, compassionate providers offers multiple types of therapy that address addiction to a multitude of drugs and alcohol. We also teach parents how to manage any mental health challenges their child deals with. This multi-pronged approach helps return your child to a sober life and the ability to plan a bright future.

Visit our admissions page today for more information about how to get started and the admissions process, or fill out a confidential form on our contact page. A new life is just a phone call away. You can also reach us at (602) 847-9887. Our adolescent residential treatment centers are equipped and dedicated to helping young adults.

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