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We are looking to add new members to our growing team. We are offering mental health jobs in the Phoenix, Arizona, area.

At Zenith Academy, we take pride in the quality of care we offer our patients. While helping adolescents take control of their mental health, we get to practice our passion, day in and day out. We provide the best mental health treatment in Arizona because of our incredible team.

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You Spoke, We Listened:
Elevating Employee Benefits at Zenith Academy

Under the leadership of our new CEO, Ann Ciulla, Zenith Academy is embarking on a transformative journey that prioritizes the well-being and satisfaction of our valued employees. Ann recognizes the significance of fostering a supportive and fulfilling work environment right from the start. As her first order of business, she has diligently addressed our employee benefits program, implementing a range of modifications and additions to enhance the lives of our dedicated staff members.

Health Insurance

To ensure our employees receive comprehensive medical coverage, Zenith now covers 100% of the cost for employee-only medical benefits, up from the previous 90%. This enhancement reflects Ann’s commitment to promoting the physical health and well-being of our team.

Short-Term Disability

In recognition of the importance of financial security during unexpected situations, Zenith has introduced Short-Term Disability (STD) coverage. This invaluable addition provides our employees with peace of mind, knowing they have support if they experience a temporary disability.

Pet Insurance

Ann understands the deep bond many of our employees share with their furry companions. To demonstrate Zenith’s commitment to their holistic well-being, we are thrilled to offer pet insurance. This valuable benefit ensures that our team members’ beloved pets receive the care they need, fostering a greater sense of balance and contentment in their lives.

Ann has gone above and beyond by introducing exciting new perks for our full-time staff members. Each individual now has the opportunity to select one of the following three options:
  1. Annual Gym Pass: Emphasizing the significance of physical fitness, Zenith now provides an annual gym pass to empower employees to prioritize their health and well-being. This benefit encourages an active and balanced lifestyle, fostering both physical and mental resilience.
  2. $1000 Reimbursement for Daycare: Recognizing the challenges faced by working parents, Zenith now offers a generous $1000 reimbursement for daycare expenses. This support demonstrates our commitment to easing the responsibilities of our employees and ensuring their children receive quality care while they focus on their professional roles.
  3. $1000 Tuition Reimbursement: In an ongoing commitment to professional growth and development, Zenith proudly offers a $1000 tuition reimbursement program. This benefit encourages our staff to expand their knowledge and skills, furthering their career advancement and personal fulfillment.


These modifications and additions to our employee benefits program reflect Ann’s unwavering dedication to creating a workplace that nurtures and supports our exceptional team. We are grateful for her proactive approach and excited about the positive impact these changes will have on the lives of our employees. At Zenith Academy, we strive to foster an environment where everyone can thrive both personally and professionally.

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