Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Facilities in Arizona

Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Services

For individuals struggling with mental health, comprehensive and compassionate care at Arizona's leading adolescent inpatient mental health facility can be an important step toward long-term recovery, providing a therapeutic environment, individual therapy sessions, and ongoing support from an experienced treatment team.

Zenith Behavioral Health, a leading treatment facility in Arizona, specializes in addressing the complex needs of young adults and their families. Recognizing that mental disorders affect millions worldwide, the team of experts at our premier treatment center offers an adolescent inpatient program, where our treatment team employs evidence-based treatments to manage and alleviate these disorders effectively. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration also offers a treatment center locator tool for individuals looking for facilities close to home.

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Why Choose Our Arizona Inpatient Mental Health Facilities for Adolescents?

While many treatment programs exist for mental illnesses, only some of them specialize in treating adolescents. Zenith Behavioral Health zeroes in on treating young adults ages 13 to 17, which allows our adolescent inpatient unit to focus on the needs of this particular age group. Our staff of doctors, nurses, and licensed therapists know how to talk to and treat this population.

Not only do we treat mental issues in our adolescent inpatient program, but we also can help if your child has become addicted to drugs or alcohol (also known as a substance abuse disorder) by offering comprehensive addiction treatment via our dual diagnosis program.

Mental Disorders We Treat 

Mental disorders can come in many forms. Some people have just one disorder, while others deal with two or more. We assess to ensure the correct diagnosis is made. We treat a variety of conditions, including the following common ones:

Therapies Offered At Our Mental Health Center

In recognizing that therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution, making well-informed choices for effective treatment is essential. Our services aim to identify the most suitable types of therapies to cater to your child’s specific requirements. Some forms of therapy we offer at our treatment center include:

Individual Therapy: Your child will meet with therapists skilled at treating adolescents, giving them a safe place to discuss their mental health. Through this evidence-based treatment, adolescent clients learn to manage their conditions with healthier coping skills and more knowledge.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Mental illness can trap a person in a pattern of unhealthy thinking, which then impacts their self-image and behavior. CBT helps retrain people’s thinking, allowing them to think and act more positively. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): Like CBT, dialectical behavior therapy also zeroes in on how choosing positive behaviors can change how a person feels and lives. As a result, their substance use or mental illness symptoms can significantly improve.

Group Therapy: When peers receive treatment together, powerful things can happen. Adolescents in our group therapy learn to offer and receive help from each other in a way that lifts them as a group when it comes to improving their mental health. 

Family Therapy: In family therapy, we treat the family as a whole, allowing everyone to understand each other and come together to help their loved one feel better now and in the future. We encourage family engagement in the treatment process to ensure a comprehensive approach to healing where every member’s voice is heard and valued.

Vocational Training: Young people who deal with mental illness often struggle with preparing for careers. At our treatment center, we help young adults discover where their interests lie and how to go about training for jobs that excite them.

What To Expect at Zenith Behavioral Health

There are three primary steps for what you can expect when starting inpatient care at Zenith Behavioral Health:


At our residential treatment center, we will conduct a thorough psychiatric assessment between your child and one of our mental health professionals. This will include covering symptoms, history, any current issues, medical history, substance use, and family history of mental health conditions.

Personalized Treatment Plan

After the assessment, we’ll create a personalized plan that best fits your child and their needs. We’ll also provide an estimated timeline of how long we believe they should participate in treatment at our adolescent inpatient unit and may prescribe medication if it is believed to help your child.

Discharge Planning

After your son or daughter completes treatment at our residential treatment center, we’ll provide a discharge plan for your child and your family for any next steps on how you can best support them and their mental health. This can include follow-up appointments and potential medications for ongoing treatment.

Can Mental Health Conditions Be Treated Without Medication?

Yes, sometimes adolescents can be treated without any medication and with only the use of therapy and evidence-based care. However, this will depend on the type of mental health condition and the severity of the condition.

How to Find the Best Adolescent Residential Treatment Centers

Selecting the right residential treatment center for your adolescent is a crucial decision. Here’s how you can find the best fit for your child:

  1. Assess Your Needs: Identify specific challenges your son or daughter faces, such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or substance abuse. Understanding these needs helps find a treatment facility specializing in these areas with evidence-based care.
  2. Check for Licensing and Expertise: Ensure the treatment center has licensed therapists and healthcare professionals experienced in adolescent issues. The expertise of the staff is pivotal for effective treatment.
  3. Insurance Plan Considerations: Verify if the treatment center is in-network with your insurance plan. This can significantly affect the cost and accessibility of treatment. Zenith Behavioral Health offers assistance in navigating various insurance plans to ease this process.
  4. Explore Treatment Options: Look for centers that provide a range of treatment modalities, including residential treatment, outpatient therapy, and holistic approaches. A diverse range of services ensures more tailored and effective treatment.
  5. Evidence-Based Care: Prioritize facilities that employ evidence-based practices. This ensures that your son or daughter’s treatment is grounded in proven and effective methods.
  6. Visit and Ask Questions: We encourage you to visit our center, meet our team, and ask any questions you might have. Understanding the daily life at the center, the structure of the treatment programs, and the level of family involvement can be very informative.
  7. Prepare for Lifelong Recovery: Look for centers that focus on immediate treatment and prepare adolescents for lifelong recovery through skill-building and support networks.

Inpatient Adolescent Mental Health Facilities in Phoenix, Arizona

Zenith Behavioral Health, located in Phoenix, Arizona, stands out among residential treatment centers for its commitment to adolescent mental health and wellness. Our treatment center specializes in providing individualized inpatient treatment for young adults grappling with mental health challenges, including substance use disorders and various psychiatric diagnoses.

Get in Touch with Zenith Today

We believe in empowering young individuals with the tools and support they need to reclaim their lives from mental health disorders. Our commitment extends beyond just treatment; we aim to inspire hope and facilitate a path to a healthier, more fulfilling life. Trust Zenith to be your partner in navigating these crucial years with compassion and expertise. Contact us today at (602) 847-9887 or through our secure online form.

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