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Residential Treatment Center for Adolescent Boys

Recognizing the often overlooked mental health needs of teen boys, Zenith Academy has developed a residential treatment program specifically tailored for them.

We understand that mental issues in boys may manifest differently compared to girls, necessitating a unique approach to care and treatment. Our program offers specialized inpatient behavioral health treatment that is specifically designed to cater to the distinct needs of adolescent males. At Zenith Academy, our dedicated team is committed to addressing and supporting the diverse challenges faced by adolescent boys, ensuring they receive the focused and effective care necessary for their mental and emotional well-being.

Understanding Behavioral and Mental Health Issues in Teen Males

Men are not socialized to express their feelings as easily as their female counterparts, so mental health concerns often become evident from behavioral cues rather than verbal expressions.

Some of the most common signs of behavioral and mental health concerns in adolescent males are:

  • Persistent lack of motivation
  • Prolonged periods of irritation toward everyday tasks (i.e., homework)
  • Substance use
  • Isolation from family
  • Avoidance of social situations
  • Changes in hygiene, sleep, and appetite
  • Fights with peers
  • Mood swings 
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities


Adolescent males are less likely to receive timely treatment, especially when dealing with depression. While females tend to withdraw inwardly, males can respond outwardly with displays of aggression. Even anxiety can present differently in teen boys, with signs like obsessive behaviors, procrastination, and perfectionism. 

Young men are also more likely to receive punishments or systemic corrective actions instead of psychological help, making it more likely that they interact with the criminal justice system before a therapist. 

Mental health residential treatment center and community resources for parents and families. Safe place away from drugs and risk of during recovery.

Behavioral Health Inpatient Facility (BHIF): The Intensive Care Your Child Needs

At Zenith Academy, we strive to provide treatment for adolescent boys that can help them address mental health challenges. For many, this means participating in our inpatient facility (BHIF).

What Is BHIF and What Does It Offer?

Our inpatient facility provides structured care for adolescents dealing with mental health and behavioral issues. We help young men between the ages of 13 and 17 who struggle with:

  • Substance use disorders
  • Mental health diagnoses
  • Aggression, opposition, truancy, and running away
  • Self-harming behaviors and suicidal ideation

If your child displays any signs or symptoms of mental health issues, finding help can prevent the problems from escalating. 

Our inpatient treatment for adolescent males is a secure 34-bed residential treatment center (RTC) that offers 24-hour nursing care as well as an on-site school so that your teen does not fall behind as they get the treatment they need. 

Many of our residents stay for at least 30 days; however, we offer long-term care, and the length of one’s treatment program is based on individual needs.

Individual Therapy Sessions: Getting to the Cause of the Problem

Individual therapy is the cornerstone of our BHIF program. We rely on a variety of evidence-based treatments to help your teen understand the root cause of the difficulties they face. 

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the main therapeutic option we offer at our BHIF. CBT is a type of talk therapy that can help your teen identify the negative patterns of thought and self-talk that influence his moods. Once he can zero in on these, he can start making changes to those patterns. 

Changing patterns can involve learning how to understand the motivations of others better, using problem-solving skills to manage difficult situations, and recognizing when thoughts are distorted. 

CBT can also involve teaching the teen to face his fears while using techniques to calm his mind and body. 

Residential treatment center with average length of six months for emotional support and supportive environment. Access to benefits like community resources, experiential therapies, and outpatient therapy for adolescents.

Program-Led Therapy: Handling Issues with Structured Counseling

For teens with anger management or substance abuse issues, we may turn to one of two programs that have seen great success. The first is our aggression management program that targets explicitly out-of-control anger. This program will teach your teen to manage anger better, reduce aggressive behavior, and improve social skills and moral reasoning. It’s a well-regarded approach implemented worldwide in various schools and treatment centers.

If your teen struggles with drug or alcohol use, the Seven Challenges might be an ideal program. This program specializes in drug abuse and empowers adolescents to take control over their lives by identifying problematic behavior and making informed, mature decisions to steer their lives in more positive directions. Though its primary purpose is treatment and behavior correction, it also takes a motivational approach to inspire patients to evaluate their circumstances, consider better alternatives, and implement positive life changes.

Parents and family of adolescents and participate in therapeutic services while child is in rehab program. Teens suffering benefits from low risk environment and treatment program made for children and teens.

Group Therapy Sessions: Breaking Through the Barrier of Isolation

Adolescent males, in particular, tend to isolate themselves when battling mental health issues. Because they are not used to expressing their feelings, they may not realize that other boys may be going through similar difficulties.

Group therapy at our residential treatment center can help address that feeling of isolation. By giving your teen a chance to hear from peers and speak with others who are also struggling, they can see that they are not alone. 

Group therapy can also offer teens the chance to start learning how to communicate their emotions better, which can serve them throughout their entire lives. 

Residential treatment center for child suffering with age related struggles and addiction to drugs. Therapeutic medical services for child and families to heal from depression and other mental trauma.

Family Therapy: Helping to Heal the Family Unit

Behavioral and mental health concerns can impact your entire family, fracturing it and making communication almost impossible.

During family therapy, we can help address the issues that may be keeping you and your teen from understanding one another. Only with the right communication strategies in place can you and your teen learn how to work as a family unit once again.

Family treatment program for emotional support and recovery for both families and children.

Holistic Therapy: Helping Your Teen Meet All Aspects of Himself

In addition to individual, group, and family therapy, Zenith Academy offers a variety of holistic therapies as a comprehensive approach designed to help your teen explore and express himself in healthier ways. Each therapy aims to address different facets of your teen’s personality and needs. Some of the therapy options at Zenith Academy include:

  • Art Therapy: Encouraging creative self-expression through various art forms.

  • Music Therapy: Using music as a medium to explore emotions and improve mood.

These diverse therapy options, combined with our commitment to determining the best path for each child’s access to necessary resources, ensure a well-rounded treatment experience. Throughout these sessions, your child has the opportunity to develop new skills, alleviate tension and stress, and discover interests or passions that enrich his life.

Learning Coping Skills for Anxiety

Entering Our Adolescent Treatment Center: Taking the Necessary Steps

At Zenith Academy, we always perform an assessment to see how we can best help your child. During the assessment, we will ask you about your child’s medical history, their goals, and whether they have participated in residential treatment programs before. This is also the time when you can ask any questions you have.

We can then determine the cost of treatment and discuss available payment options, which include private pay, commercial insurance, and Medicaid/AHCCCS policies. If you need help with the process of getting insurance approval, we are happy to offer it. 

We’ll also need documents such as his birth certificate, school enrollment, and immunization records, along with electronic signatures on any relevant forms.

Once the paperwork is done and approved, we can plan the day of your teen’s arrival at our residential treatment center. We will offer guidance on what they will need to bring and how to prepare. 

Residential program and services for your child's needs and additional guidance for families suffering with at risk teens. Arizona safety resources for young ages to heal from alcohol use and focus on child's school and recovery. Cost of residential treatment for struggling teens and families with emotional stress.

Helping Teens Get Their Lives Back on the Right Track

Zenith Academy remains dedicated to offering a secure, nurturing environment for boys struggling with mental health challenges. Our focus is on providing comprehensive services that not only address the immediate needs of each child but also involve the family in the healing process. We are committed to ensuring that each teen in our care has access to the resources necessary to reclaim their stability and overall health. Families seeking support and guidance can trust Zenith Academy to determine the most effective path for their child or children, helping them step confidently towards a brighter future.

To explore how our residential program can make a positive impact on your child’s life, we invite you to contact Zenith Academy and learn more about our specialized inpatient programs for teen males.

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