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At Zenith Behavioral Health, we are dedicated to helping both adolescents & adults in their journey of recovery. We offer a drug detox center for adults and adolescent residential mental health treatment centers in Phoenix, Arizona.

About Our Mental Health Treatment & Detox Centers in Phoenix, Arizona

Zenith Behavioral Health in Phoenix, AZ knows life can present challenges that require professional treatment. We offer two programs to help people who need help turning their lives around. We provide detox from drugs and alcohol for adults that features medical supervision that helps each person move through detoxification safely and comfortably. In a separate building, we provide residential mental health treatment for adolescent males aged 13 to 17. We treat a variety of mental illnesses with a program specifically created to target this age group. We strive to make everyone who comes to us for treatment feel welcome, safe, and in the best hands possible when it comes to healing from substance use disorders and mental health disorders.

Detox and residential mental health and addiction facility in Phoenix AZ

What We Treat

Adult Addiction

Substance use disorders require professional treatment that begins with a detox program. We help you complete this process and learn to become sober.

Teen Mental Health

Mental health disorders impact the lives of millions of teenagers. We help adolescent males learn to manage their symptoms and set them up for a healthy adult life.

Teen Dual Diagnosis

When a teenager has a dual diagnosis, which is both a mental illness and addiction to drugs or alcohol, they need a special program just for them.

Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. In the case of a medical emergency please contact 911 or visit your local emergency department.

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In our adolescent mental health centers, we created a comfortable living environment that welcomes boys and helps them feel at home while they receive valuable residential treatment in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tour Our Phoenix, AZ Adult Detox Center

Our adult medical detox center feels like home for men and women working on getting sober. We provide clean, comfortable housing that lends itself to healing from substance use disorders in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Programs in Phoenix, Arizona

Our Adult Detox Programs in Phoenix, AZ

Zenith Behavioral Health FAQ

Residential treatment requires a person to live in a facility round-the-clock for a period of time. This allows them to focus solely on improving their health and preparing to return home to a new, healthier life. Each person receives individualized care that helps them meet their treatment goals. They also enjoy comfortable living quarters, meals, and the support of multiple treatment professionals.

Detox is the first step in healing from a substance use disorder. Medical professionals provide assistance that helps relieve withdrawal symptoms and allows the person to begin living free of the toxins accumulated during addiction to drugs and alcohol. 

Yes, they take place in two separate buildings. Our detox program serves men and women, while our mental health program provides help for boys aged 13 to 17.

Yes, we accept AHCCCS Plans, AZ Complete Health, Banner University, Care 1st, Health Choice, Indian Health Service, Molina Complete Care, Mercy Care Plan, UHC Community Plan & Commercial Insurance.

Benefits of dual diagnosis treatment for teens

Why Choose Zenith Behavioral Health?

Zenith Behavioral Health offers evidence-based care provided by skilled, experienced treatment professionals. We help people start to heal while staying with us and set them up for success to continue living a healthy life after they graduate from our program.

Personalized Solutions for Adolescent Mental Health

We understand that adolescents are individuals who require treatment designed for their unique situations and needs. We get to know the boys who come to us for help and work with them to create goals that allow them to achieve control of their mental health. We offer a wide range of therapies that help address the various types of mental health disorders and the underlying issues that may be triggering them.

Medical Detox to Safely Overcome Addiction

The first step in leaving addiction to drugs and alcohol behind is going to detox. Our detoxification program provides medical experts who monitor each person as they move through the detox process. We offer medical care, including medications, that help ease withdrawal symptoms and keep each person safe.

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