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Do you wonder if a mental health disorder might be impacting the life of your child? Many young people deal with this problem and, sadly, too often their parents are late to recognize it. If you would like some answers, take our “Does My Child Have a Mental Illness?” quiz. This simple quiz can help you find out if your loved one needs expert help addressing and overcoming a mental illness. If he does, we can provide the right kind of help he needs. 

Does My Child Have a Mental Illness Quiz:

Many types of mental illnesses exist, and they cause a host of different types of signs that indicate a problem exists. Not every person experiences the same signs but many prove to be quite common. It can be confusing if the young person does not realize they have compromised mental health. It can also put parents at a disadvantage when it comes to getting timely help for their children. The answer to the question “Does my child have a mental illness?” becomes clearer when a person knows what to look for in terms of signs and symptoms.

Take our childhood mental illness quiz to find out more about what’s going on. Answer yes or no to the following questions: 

  1. Does your child often have behavioral issues?
  2. Does your child get in trouble at home and in school repeatedly?
  3. Have your child’s grades in school gone downhill?
  4. Does your child have difficulty forming or keeping friendships?
  5. Does your child sleep too much or too little?
  6. Does your child experience medical symptoms like headaches and stomachaches that don’t have an explanation?
  7. Does your child often feel sad, hopeless, or depressed?
  8. Does your child deal with anxiety or panic attacks?
  9. Does your child isolate by hiding out in their room or avoiding social events?
  10. Does your child engage in repetitive or odd behaviors you don’t understand?
  11. Does your child act recklessly at times, often acting out in dangerous ways?
  12. Does your child act hyperactive and find it difficult to stay focused?
  13. Does your child have difficulty expressing their emotions?
  14. Does your child fall behind in development compared to peers?
  15. Does your child express suicidal feelings?

Assessment of the Mental Illness Quiz

After taking the “Does My Child Have a Mental Illness?” quiz, count how many times the answer to a question is “yes”. Answering yes to even two questions can mean your child is at risk and may need to be evaluated by a mental health specialist. Parents can discuss the results of the quiz with their teenager’s doctor or other specialist and see if treatment is necessary.

Showing son the assessment of the does my child have a mental illness quiz

How to Treat Mental Illness in Teenagers

If taking the “Does My Child Have a Mental Illness?” quiz indicates to parents or caregivers that it’s time to get help for their child, they may wonder what treatment is available. When it comes to seeking mental health treatment, teenagers are a special population. Parents should look for a program that specializes in treating adolescents because it will understand ways to help kids overcome the challenges of poor mental health. 

Mental illness treatment begins with a full assessment done of the teenager so that the treatment team understands their exact situation. From there, they can plan a program that uses different types of therapies proven to help many young people manage their mental health symptoms. Not only can they feel better, but they can also begin to thrive and get excited about their futures. 

Individual therapy provides a safe place for young people to talk about their feelings and what they’d like to accomplish. Therapists provide a compassionate ear and know how to reach teenagers and help them understand how they can improve their mental health. Another popular therapy is group therapy, which puts teenagers dealing with similar issues together in pursuit of helping themselves and each other in a peer setting. 

Because teenagers with mental health disorders usually still live at home, family therapy becomes an important tool for them. Family therapy allows the child to express themselves while a therapist guides the conversations. As a result, the family unit can pull together and work to help their loved one enjoy better mental health. 

Last, if the teenager also abuses drugs or alcohol, this can be addressed as part of the treatment program. This saves everyone time and money and helps the child return home having the skills to enjoy better mental health and live a sober life. 

Begin Treatment for Mental Illness in Your Child Today

No parent wants to see their child suffer, particularly when it comes to something like a mental illness that can be treated. Zenith Behavioral Health in Phoenix provides effective, evidence-based treatment that helps boys aged 13 to 17 overcome the unfair burden of dealing with a mental health disorder. Our team of clinicians provides psychological support and any needed medications to level the playing field for your child. We include family therapy to allow parents and other family members the ability to help understand and support their loved ones.

If you have taken the “Does My Child Have a Mental Illness?” quiz and want answers about how to treat your child, visit our admissions page now.