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When it comes to detox, people have choices. Some provide only basic support, which often leaves them struggling to complete the program. Zenith Behavioral Health understands the challenges that come with getting off drugs and alcohol. For that reason, we offer medical detox near Scottsdale, Arizona that makes the process easier. Our program provides medical interventions that help relieve and minimize many withdrawal symptoms. When this happens, people can finish detox without suffering needlessly.

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What Is Medical Detox?

Regular detox programs focus on supervising people who are getting off drugs and alcohol. They often do not offer any kind of medical intervention to help them. Medical detox provides medical services that help relieve withdrawal symptoms. Trained staff members know which withdrawal symptoms often occur and can provide immediate relief. As a result, people experience fewer or less uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. In fact, medical detox can mean a shorter say in detox for some people.

Why Detox Programs Are Necessary

Going to detox is the first step in getting sober. The process only takes a few days, but it sets people up to transition into the next steps of addiction treatment. In fact, without a medical detox program such as ours near Scottsdale, AZ, most people would be unable to accomplish their sobriety goals. 

When someone abuses substances over a long period of time, they accrue toxins in their body. The critical first days of being sober allow the body to release the toxins. The individual begins to learn to live without the physical and emotional reliance on substances. Once they complete detox, they are ready for the next step in treatment. This may include residential or outpatient treatment programs. Many of these programs require that a person has completed detox before accepting them. 

Going to the right detox program can help someone new to recovery not end up relapsing. As well, it can be the answer for those who have tried to get sober in the past and have not been successful.

What to Expect at a Medical Detox Near Scottsdale, AZ

We begin treatment at our medical detox near Scottsdale, Arizona with an evaluation of each person. Our team talks with them so we can understand the history of their addiction and any previous attempts at treatment. We assess their physical and mental health, too. This allows our team to set up a program that meets their needs. 

Our medical detox program takes place in a residential setting. While some facilities look sterile and like a hospital, we offer something different. We designed our facility to allow people to feel at home. In addition, we provide nutritious meals and a place to relax while going through treatment. 

We also offer the safety factor that comes with being secluded in a residential environment. This means no one has access to drugs or alcohol. This prevents the chance that they will relapse during the crucial first days of treatment. It also allows people to leave behind the daily stressors of life and focus on getting well.

Medical detox facilities can help people who have a dual diagnosis. This term refers to someone who has both a substance use disorder and a mental health disorder. When a person stops abusing substances, symptoms such as anxiety and depression may arise. Detox medical staff can provide appropriate meds that help address these symptoms.

Benefits of a Medical Detox Near Scottsdale, Arizona

A primary benefit of our medical detox near Scottsdale is that we treat the individual. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter treatment because each person is unique. We invest in everyone who comes to us and bring out their ability to overcome their drug or alcohol addiction. This helps set them up to use their strength as they move into the next steps of treatment.

Another benefit comes from the staff of our medical detox. We employ highly experienced doctors, nurses, and therapists. They use their training for treating substance use disorders to help people change their lives. We provide a judgment-free zone and use compassion to help people rise to the challenges of completing detox.

Without medical detox, many people find themselves unable to complete a detox program. This sets them up to relapse. For some, it means they begin a cycle of going to rehab over and over. For many people, medical detox breaks that cycle because of its effectiveness.

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Zenith Behavioral Health provides a top-level medical detox center near Scottsdale, Arizona, designed to help people become sober. We treat people addicted to alcohol and drugs, providing them with the vital first step to getting healthy. Medical detox may be the right answer for you if you need help with a substance use disorder. Our staff of highly trained addiction experts gives each person the support and medical assistance they need to complete detox without unnecessary suffering.

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