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Heroin is one of the most devastating drugs out there, and becoming addicted to it can happen quickly. For this reason, we offer a world-class program near Scottsdale to help you conquer your addiction. We stay with you around the clock as you begin the first stage of your life without this dangerous drug. Our heroin detox program near Scottsdale, Arizona is led by a staff of experienced experts. We assist you in changing your life and regaining your health and sobriety.

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Why is Going to Detox for Heroin Addiction Important?

When people hear the term “rehab”, they often think it covers every step of healing from addiction. In fact, recovering from a substance use disorder happens in stages. The first step is going to detox. This process centers around getting through the first several days without using substances. During the course of heroin addiction, the body retains toxins from the drug. Detoxification allows these toxins to exit the body. As a result, the person’s body begins to learn to live without heroin. As well, the person begins to adjust to living with a clear head and healthier emotions.

For someone addicted to heroin, detox can be particularly challenging. When withdrawal symptoms happen, they can be difficult to endure. As a matter of fact, someone trying to detox from heroin by themselves typically fails. When they enter a Scottsdale, Arizona heroin detox program, they receive the care needed to minimize withdrawal symptoms. From there, they are better prepared to take the next step in their recovery journey. 

Many treatment facilities make completion of detox a requirement before admitting someone into their program. For this reason, seeking care from a heroin detox program near Scottsdale provides the necessary jumping-off point.

Heroin Withdrawal Timeline

When someone prepares to go to a heroin detox program, they usually wonder what to expect. Medically supervised detox, such as the type we offer at our heroin detox facility near Scottsdale, Arizona, makes a real difference. Taking advantage of any needed medical intervention can ease withdrawal symptoms. As a result, this can shorten the timeline for being in detox. 

The timeline for heroin detox depends on a few factors. This includes how long the person has been addicted and how much of the drug they usually take. A general withdrawal timeline happens as follows: 

Day 1: Symptoms can begin within a few hours of the last dosage. Common initial symptoms include anxiety, diarrhea, shakiness, and muscle and body aches. Cravings for heroin also begin.

Day 2-3: Symptoms from the first day continue. Additional ones include nausea, vomiting, and feeling tired. Anxiety may also increase. 

Day 4-7: Symptoms are usually at their worst around the beginning of this period, then begin to subside. Physical symptoms tend to decrease faster than emotional ones. Feeling anxious or depressed may continue past the first week. Cravings to use heroin also can last past this time period. 

What to Expect at Our Heroin Detox Near Scottsdale, Arizona

At Zenith Behavioral Health, our goal is to keep each person safe and stabilized during detox. We start by evaluating each person so we understand their current state of physical and mental health. We learn about their addiction and create a plan designed to meet their individual needs. 

From there, we monitor each person as they move through our heroin detox program. We respond to any need for medicinal intervention or emotional support. By the time the individual completes detox, we will have recommended the best next step for them. This allows them to build on their newfound sobriety and not be tempted to relapse.

Benefits of Our Heroin Detox Close to Scottsdale, AZ

Too often, someone addicted to heroin believes they can quit on their own. They try to white-knuckle their way through withdrawal symptoms and suffer needlessly. When they come to our heroin detox program near Scottsdale, they eliminate unnecessary suffering. Our team focuses on helping each person resist the urge to give up on getting sober. 

Our medically supervised detox creates a safe place to get well. Spending time in our comfortable, homelike environment helps people focus on getting well. Additionally, it removes them from potential triggers and the ability to obtain and use heroin. This type of safety net helps people complete detox and prepare for the next step in treatment. 

Begin Heroin Detox at Zenith Near Scottsdale, Arizona

Have you reached the point where heroin controls your life, or do you know someone who is in that place? Zenith Behavioral Health understands how difficult it can be to want to get healthy but not know where to start. Our heroin detox program near Scottsdale, Arizona is the first step to your new life. We provide expert medical care to help ease you through the detox process. Our experienced medical staff provides multi-disciplinary services that help people get off heroin for good. We know how to minimize the discomfort of withdrawal and prepare you for living a substance-free life. 

If you know it’s time to put heroin abuse behind you and get well, contact us today. We welcome any inquiries about our program. 

We Have a Seamless Admissions Process

If you or your loved one are ready to receive help, visit our admissions page to learn about the intake process here at Zenith Behavioral Health. Our team is ready and waiting to help you begin your recovery and take advantage of what life has to offer.