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Do you live a life that feels like it’s ruled by using drugs or alcohol? If so, you may want to get help but don’t know where to turn. Zenith Behavioral Health offers a detox program near Scottsdale, AZ that provides quality care that turns your life around. We employ evidence-based types of therapy to help ease withdrawal symptoms. Our experienced, compassionate staff helps you complete the detox process and prepare to learn to live the sober life you deserve. With our help, you can get back to the business of living your life with a healthy new approach.

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Types of Detox We Offer Near Scottsdale, Arizona

A person can become addicted to a number of different substances. For this reason, we provide detox for several different kinds of substance use disorders near Scottsdale, Arizona. Whether a person experiences addiction to prescription drugs or street drugs, we can help them. Our program addresses the different needs that come with detoxing from different types of substances. We apply the approach best suited for each one. 

At Zenith Behavioral Health, we can provide help for those addicted to the following substances: 

  • Alcohol
  • Opioids
  • Heroin
  • Fentanyl
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Methamphetamines
  • Cocaine
  • Prescription drugs


We can also offer effective detox treatment for those who experience addiction to more than one substance. An initial assessment will help us understand your exact detox needs. From there, we can determine the best detox plan for you.

What to Expect at Our Detox Near Scottsdale, AZ

The first step in overcoming a substance use disorder is going to detox. This process takes five to ten days and is vital to complete before attempting the next phase of treatment for addiction. Detox allows the individual’s body to rid itself of toxins built up during their addiction. Once this process is completed, the person reaches a point of stabilization that allows them to think and feel more clearly.

When you come to our detox center near Scottsdale at Zenith Behavioral Health, you place yourself in the care of experts. We perform a thorough assessment so we understand your diagnosis. From there, we create a plan that addresses your specific needs. We take your physical and mental health into consideration, so that you receive comprehensive, focused care. While other programs often adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to detox, we know that doesn’t provide effective care. We respect the fact that each person is unique, and their experience with addiction is personal to them. 

During the detox process, we fully monitor each person to ensure they receive the complete care they need. We know that both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms can occur. When they do, our experienced staff of clinicians stands prepared to offer appropriate help to minimize each person’s discomfort. Our goal is to make the detox experience as easy as possible.

Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. In the case of a medical emergency please contact 911 or visit your local emergency department.

Benefits of Our Detox Center Near Scottsdale

Often, someone dealing with a substance use disorder feels shy about asking for help. They feel afraid of being rejected or judged. Our detox staff understands it takes bravery to reach out and seek treatment. As a result, we offer a compassionate approach to helping people get better. At Zenith, we know it takes patience and caring for each individual we treat in order to help them progress. We partner with each person so they feel supported and able to take charge of their lives again. We know that each person who comes to us has the full potential to get better. Our team puts the extra effort in to empower them so they believe in themselves. 

Another benefit of our detox program involves the use of medical detox. The withdrawal symptoms that happen during detox can be challenging. For those who need it, we can provide medical assistance that helps minimize and even eliminate many withdrawal symptoms. This makes it easier for a person to get through detoxification. As a result, they are more likely to complete the process. We can also make recommendations for any continued use of medications that may benefit the person after they finish detox. 

We employ a full range of staff members who understand the intricacies of treating addiction to drugs and alcohol. Each person on our staff brings their experience and dedication to helping people to the table. From doctors to nurses to therapists, each person uses their expertise to help people overcome substance use disorders. 

Begin Detox at Zenith Near Scottsdale, Arizona

When a substance use disorder takes over a person’s life, the first step in the treatment they need is detox. Zenith Behavioral Health provides a world-class detox program designed and administered by addiction experts. We help people put drug and alcohol abuse in their past. As a result, they improve their physical and mental health. Under our care, we provide people with medical and psychological assistance that helps make the detox process easier to complete.

For more information about our detox center near Scottsdale, AZ, please visit our admissions page now. We can answer any questions you have, including ones about insurance coverage and payment options.