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Do you need help overcoming the challenges of an addiction to drugs or alcohol? Maybe you know you need help but you aren’t sure if detox centers will take your AHCCCS Medicaid. Fortunately, help is available at Zenith Behavioral Health which is one of the few AHCCCS-approved detox centers in Arizona. This opens up the door for many people to receive the important treatment they need for substance use disorders. If you are interested in AHCCCS detox centers, Zenith Behavioral Health can give you the help you deserve to become sober.

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What is AHCCCS Medicaid Insurance?

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, also called AHCCCS, is the Medicaid program for the state of Arizona. This federal health care program was founded in 1982 using funds from the state and federal governments. It provides coverage for medical care for individuals and families. Qualification for enrolling depends on the person’s income level. Currently, more than two million Arizonans take advantage of this care. This allows them access to approximately 120,000 healthcare providers. This includes not only regular physician appointments but valuable treatment like AHCCCS-approved drug rehabs. 

Applying for AHCCCS can be done online or in person. Staff members can answer questions about the application process on the phone. They can help people who want to apply for coverage or find out about existing coverage. This type of valuable Medicaid care can be used for AHCCCS rehab. This helps people who otherwise might not be able to access vital, life-saving care for addiction to drugs and alcohol.

How Does AHCCCS Cover Drug Detox or Rehab?

A lot of people assume Medicaid only provides limited healthcare options. They think they can only use it for physician appointments or hospitalization for a medical crisis. The good news is that people can get help from drug detox centers and rehab programs when they choose AHCCCS-approved drug rehabs. Without this sort of focused, intensive treatment for addiction, many people would continue to suffer and even risk an overdose death.  

Medicaid understands that someone who struggles with addiction to drugs or alcohol is unhealthy. Addiction impacts both a person’s physical and mental health. In addition, it can bring on or complicate already existing physical or mental health conditions. For this reason, services offered at detox centers that take AHCCCS are covered by the Arizona Medicaid program. 

Rehab and other treatment programs for addiction fall under the category of behavioral health care. This includes residential care that provides a full spectrum of detox care around the clock. It also includes other options such as outpatient care, medication costs, and therapy sessions. Those individuals with AHCCCS coverage can seek the help they need to become sober and stay that way. 

A quality residential detox program offers several approaches to helping someone become sober. By covering the cost of going to this type of program, Medicaid ensures the individual receives more than one type of therapy. This helps improve the person’s ability not only to become sober but stay that way long-term. Anyone having questions about what their detox or rehab center options are can contact an AHCCCS representative. In addition, the person can contact treatment programs that accept AHCCCS. An admissions staff member can help them with information about getting coverage or using existing coverage.

Addiction Treatment at Our Arizona AHCCCS Approved Detox Center

Any number of substances can cause a person to develop an addiction. For this reason, we provide addiction treatment for a variety of substance use disorders with our detox centers that take AHCCCS insurance. The addictions we help you overcome include:

Regardless of how long the individual has dealt with addiction or what substance is involved, we can help. Our residential program features a comfortable facility that serves as a home away from home. While staying in our AHCCCS-approved drug rehabs, each person can leave behind their daily stressors and triggers. Under our care, they receive medically-supervised detox and support. This helps them cross the bridge from being lost in addiction to becoming sober.

Use Your AHCCCS Drug Detox Benefits at Zenith in Phoenix, Arizona

When someone develops a substance use disorder and reaches the point they are ready for help, they have questions. One of the first ones has to do with how they will pay for treatment. Many falsely assume addiction treatment is only for those with money or private insurance. Actually, more options exist, making getting care affordable for many people. If you are part of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, going to rehab can become a reality for you. Our Detox Centers that take AHCCCS insurance provide vital care needed for those who need help becoming sober. Zenith Behavioral Health helps you get through detox and become able to overcome addiction.

If you would like to discuss how to get care from our AHCCCS detox facility, we’d love to answer your questions. Visit our admissions page now and let’s talk.