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Psychiatric Stabilization Services

When a person goes through an acute traumatic experience or other events, it can put them in a precarious psychological position.

When this happens, they may need short-term care that helps stabilize them. Zenith Behavioral Health’s psychiatric services Phoenix offers strategic, focused care that helps teenagers maintain their safety. This allows them the ability to transition into follow-up care in a residential or outpatient facility. This vital service helps assist each individual in their journey to a healthy recovery.

psychiatric stabilization services in Phoenix AZ

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How Does Psychiatric Stabilization Work?

Sometimes going through an acute traumatic experience or stressor can tip a person into needing psychiatric stabilization. This can prove particularly true for adolescents. This need can also result from experiencing a psychological disorder that proves particularly triggering. When this happens, the young person may require 24-hour supervision to help ensure their safety. 

Our psychiatric services Phoenix provide the lifeline necessary to help a person get through a crucial time. We provide emergency-level psychiatric care that addresses a person’s overall mental health disorder. Additionally, it helps treat the symptoms that arise from going through a specific traumatic event.

As soon as someone arrives at our facility, we perform a thorough assessment. We determine the state of the person’s mental health and what their immediate needs are in order to stabilize them. We include any information known about past diagnoses and their treatment history. This allows us to create a multi-faceted plan to provide the specific treatment needed. We make sure the parents know the status of their child’s mental health and the steps we are taking. 


The assumption for many may be that this type of psychiatric care consists only of keeping someone locked away while they wait things out. Our approach proves vastly different. When someone comes to us for our psychiatric services, we offer an array of ways to treat them. During their stay with us, they will receive the following:

  • Daily Psychiatric Assessments
  • 24-Hour Nursing and Support
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Case Management & Discharge Planning


We also provide specialized diets to meet the nutritional requirements of each person. In addition, smoking is allowed in our facility.

Benefits of Our Psychiatric Stabilization Services in Phoenix, AZ

When a person reaches the point where they need psychiatric services in Phoenix, they may be at risk not just in terms of their mental health. When someone struggles with depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental illnesses, they may become a danger to themselves. Being treated in a residential setting helps people deal with anything potentially dangerous, such as suicidal ideation.

Additionally, a person with a mental illness like schizophrenia can not only be a danger to themselves but potentially to others. Our psychiatric program helps keep them in a safe place while we work on stabilizing them.

Our staff is comprised of mental health experts with experience treating people who need emergency psychiatric care. No matter the length of their stay with us, we provide the specific types of therapy they need. This includes multiple types of therapies proven to help teenagers manage their mental health. Everyone who works at our facility knows that treating teens takes a special ability to understand and communicate with them. We also keep the parents in the loop at all times. 

For those who need medications, we can provide an analysis of what type may work best for them. From there, we can provide the medications and monitor the person for how they work and any resulting side effects.

What Comes After Psychiatric Stabilization?

When someone finishes undergoing our psychiatric services in Phoenix, we don’t just show them the door. We provide a recommendation for what next level of care can benefit them. Zenith Behavioral Health offers a standard residential mental health care program for teenage boys. Moving from the initial psychiatric care to our residential care is easy because it takes place in the same facility. This allows the teens to continue with many of their same treatment team members.

Follow-up care includes treating several different types of mental health disorders. These include:


We also provide treatment for dual diagnosis, which is the presence of both a mental illness and an addiction to drugs or alcohol. 

Begin Our Psychiatric Services in Phoenix, AZ Today

When a teenager needs emergency psychiatric services to become stabilized, it can be difficult to know where to turn for help. Zenith Behavioral Health treats boys aged 13 to 17 in need of this specific kind of care. Our psychiatric services Phoenix include focused, compassionate treatment with round-the-clock care from experts in the field of psychiatric stabilization. We treat each person with respect and keep their loved ones informed about their progress. From there, the individual can move to the next stage of treatment.

Our friendly staff is waiting to answer any questions you have about our psychiatric services. Visit our admissions page now and talk to us. 

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